How To: Pricing and Charging for Services in your salon

Having a pricing and charging structure that creates a thriving environment in your salon is usually the goal..

BUT… is the current money issues facing businesses creating toxic energy in your salon without you even realising it?

There are several key concepts that will allow you to master your pricing and charging of services, increase your prices confidently, kill the customer guilt trap.

PLUS…. Empower your team to confidently recommend what the customer needs and get them to have the right services at the right price and buy take-home products that complement their great hair styling.

In this post, I have compiled together everything I have talked about in my latest videos on pricing and charging your salon services…


HoTo Pricing and Charging for salon Services

How do I approach pricing and charging for my salon services?

  • Is time-based charging the way to help your salon through a recession post-pandemic?
  • Should I just rework my existing price list and services so the customers don’t feel too confused and stressed about prices?
  • Are the team going to be confident with the changes in pricing charges and services?
  • How do I increase prices without losing customers?

These are the questions on every salon owner’s lips when it comes to pricing, services, dealing with unstable revenue and unreliable profits.

And that’s a killer.

For every move you make that you think is positive you are second-guessing yourself and feeling resistance either in your team or from loyal existing customers.

It’s very hard to see gaps in your book and stick to higher prices when the week’s revenue is below target and the rent is wages again. Let alone money to pay your expenses!

Thinking you have to work more to make your salon profitable is an outdated trap

Several key concepts will allow you to put up your prices, kill the customer guilt trap and empower your team to confidently recommend what the customer needs and get them to have the right services at the right price and buy take-home products that complement their great hair styling.

Because the thing is we can’t put sweet cream over poop and expect it to be ok!!

I can’t count the times I’ve recently seen salon owners who are wanting to put up prices again because the most recent price increase:

  • Didn’t make customers leave in droves so they are more confident to put a decent increase in place.
  • The first increase just didn’t work!! The extra money coming in just fell into the deep pit of costs and expenses.
  • If they are honest about it they didn’t manage it very well with their team. Their team’s habits have gotten in the way of it being a success.

Now who would want to believe that our stylists would sabotage our business success?

You’d think they want it as bad as us right??

But people are also not always good at confidently doing their job, being in relationships, good communicators…. 

You get what I mean so in reality it’s not such a shock that our team’s confidence working through price increases is one of the most important factors in getting this functioning well…. 

And a reason you might have found that a price increase did not solve all your problems.

Salon Owner Conversations

Confidence to make the tough business decisions

In this video, I talk about how a lack of confidence can cause your business to either become stagnant or plateau and why that is happening.

Is it a lack of external instability, your confidence in the economy or something your team is creating?

Watch to learn more…

Team Confidence

Are you just as good at mentoring your team as you are at doing the best cut and colour?

Do you care to practise leadership as much as you did a new styling technique?

If you want a successful business you need to be just as good at team management as you do at styling hair.

Your team are a reflection of you..

If your team struggles with change and having confidence when it comes to new pricing let’s look at how we can create an empowering and positive environment.

In this video, I discuss team confidence.

Is your money attitude holding you back?

Money can be a hard topic to discuss with your team, your parents or your partner and believe it or not…with yourself.

In your salon how you feel about and manage cancellations, no-shows, customers changing what they are booked in for at the appointment, skipping treatments and pushing out appointments really affects your salon financially.

It’s these financial and money issues that can cause a lot of stress. Resulting in uncomfortable money conversations with others and yourself.

Money stress builds up and can cause major decision-making problems for you.
Stress eats away at confidence and courage.
And when fear rules you are living in the nightmare salon owner life rather than the freedom and lifestyle dream you wanted in the first place.

BLOG: Customer Guilt Trap

Salon Customer Guilt Trap



Are happy to pay your salon’s increased prices

Listen to you and value your team by following your expert advice on services, treatments and take-home products.

Book in advance and respect your appointment procedures like booking fees, cancellation policies and moving fees.

Respect your boundaries and don’t message you all hours and take advantage of you or your team!

You aren’t stuck in a Customer Guilt Trap so move on…nothing for you here!



Your regular customers holding you back from growing your salon business by-

  • Guilting you into staying on the floor and behind the chair when you want to make more time to work on your business?
  • Telling you it’s only you they want to see.
  • Resisting your price increases.
  • Cancelling last minute and not expecting to be charged a fee because they are so loyal to you and have been coming for years.

If this is the case you are letting your regular clients keep your salon stuck and broke.

 Click HERE to read how to fix this.

If you’re after some more tips on Pricing Profits, Revenue Growth join me on the next