Are you happy with your Social Media Engagement?

Social Media Engagement has changed. There is an over-saturation of content, videos, TikTok, ads, and reels on social media.

This means the days of simply putting up a post on social media and getting customers to engage with your posts, offers and booking with you are well and truly gone.

Why has social media engagement changed so much? 

Because your content is competing against thousands and thousands of other content. Platform competing against platform


Everyone is doing the same content. You are actually encouraged to do the same thing by using templates, music and sounds that have gone viral.

It’s like trying to get attention in a sea of red faces.

If your face is red you just blend in. You have to do things differently.

And painting your face blue is a start! 

What if you could get customers messaging you and clicking your BOOK NOW buttons within a few hours?

That’s right… Even if right now you’re not getting any engagement, people responding to your posts, opening your emails or booking at your salon. 

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Actually creating something different to get social media engagement that turns into bookings, upgraded appointments and increased product sales takes a little more social media engagement finesse than just changing the obvious.

The loudest kid in the room doesn’t always get more attention right?

They may get unwanted attention.

Get shut down or simply removed from the room so they can’t be heard at all.

Getting bookings from your content on Social Media has just got harder and harder.


  • You post content you’re proud of, it’s perfect, and you’ve spent precious time creating it… but you never get anyone responding: “How do book an appointment?” “That’s just what I need, book me in today” “Oh my gosh, that’s the perfect thing for me… Can I book today?” “That sounds just what I need. Can I chat with you about how it would work for me?”
  • Posting is at a minimum of 3 times a week and it seems like no one interacts, engages, or likes the content. You get views but nothing beyond that. Even if you ask people to do something on the post they don’t comment, message or click the link.
  • You put together service offers that you think will really get social media engagement, bring in new people and fill up your book but you only get a few enquiries or none, no one messages or DMs you and no one books in. It just seemed to attract time wasters.
  • Time spent on messages and DM conversations just doesn’t end up in bookings. Just questions, questions, questions. It’s frustrating.
  • The people that are coming from social media to your salon aren’t really great customers that are building for the future. They move on to the next discount they see at another salon, don’t rebook, buy retail products or even recommend their friends.


  • You focus most of your content and marketing on your salon. You make your posts about the services you do, the products you sell and your salon.
  • You’ve never really focused on the specifics of what your customer is experiencing right now and what they don’t want to experience anymore.
  • You have been very general in your captions and copy.
  • You promote all the services you do to everyone with the very broad and general use of copy and captions.
  • Your content is focused on explaining why your salon is better, has a nicer interior, uses a great product or has a wonderful stylist.
  • You’ve fallen into the trap of always doing promotions and discounts as those posts at least get some social media engagement.
  • 70% of your content is sales-related content.
  • Advice about social media engagement posting success has been to get Likes and Followers so you have focused on that. 
  • You use Social Media for business with a consumer mindset. Scrolling. Copying. Clicking, Buying…2 hours later…Right!
  • You are inconsistent and don’t have a clear plan and strategy for Social Media Engagement or even to turn any attention into bookings.

It’s time to stop guessing what will work to get

Social Media Engagement and Bookings.


If the end game and purpose of YOU spending your precious time creating a strategy, being consistent, and strategic plus investing time and energy are to be successful at attracting the right customers to book with you the first thing you need to focus on is understanding engagement and how to get the right kind.

Like everything the foundations are the most important.

Just like learning how to do a good blow wave or haircut.

Unless you create a solid structure and foundation for your efforts.. it’s just all going to turn into a hot mess!

Here are some simple tips to help with your Social Media Engagement.

How To Get More Social Media Engagement

social media engagement

Getting your posts, videos and images seen by the right people, capturing their attention and speaking to them so they stay interested is your first focus.

Now I’m going to be totally transparent here.

This strategy is new and takes a bit of practice, testing and input from you.


If you want to increase your social media engagement and attract at least 1 new client in the next 5 days then pay close attention.

I will be introducing a concept you likely haven’t heard before, however, when mastered it could be one of the most powerful customer attraction elements you use for your salon.

Old and outdated ways of using social media engagement to attract customers just do not work anymore.

It is important to note that this concept may be new, different and take time to fully master. But, it’s super simple once you understand it.

I’ve seen people attract customers and upgrade existing customers within hours and some took a few days and some a few weeks.

But it is just the first step to creating long-lasting salon success. I wrote a blog on retaining customers once you get them booked into your salon HERE


Find your voice and speak directly to those you want to engage with your content.

What service do they want? What products do they want to solve their issues?

Who are they?

Get an Ideal Customer Worksheet to help with this HERE


A confused mind makes no decisions.

Confusion causes the brain to shut down. Ask yourself, are you sending conflicting messages to the people who see your posts?

Does your brand tell people who see your posts who you are? Nobody aligns with someone they don’t connect with.

To check you have all your branding elements on point check out Brand Style Guide HERE


What you write needs to stop the scroll and capture attention.

Your hook needs to be compelling.

The introduction phase must keep the attention and the body of copy should be designed to have them nodding in agreement, seeing themselves in the story and aligning with what you are saying.

Get your copy of a straightforward checklist before you create your next post HERE

4. What Do You Post?

If you’re like most salon businesses, you’re only leveraging 25% of the power of social media engagement marketing.

It’s a fact that most businesses just don’t fully harness the power of all 5 areas of communication.

These all play a very vital role in building a connection and inviting engagement with your ideal customer.

The results of this targeted engagement are bookings, sales conversations with highly aligned potential new customers and very valuable upgrades to your existing customers’ services and requirements.

How good does that sound?

I have 5 successful categories of posts to master but I am going to share my favourite with you here and that is…

Social Listening Posts:

Become more aware of what people are asking or inquiring about.

This enables you to do outreach posting. The direct response you get back is pure gold when it comes to crafting your own content.

When you get this right Social Listening posts:

  • Manage brand identity
  • Increase ideal customer insight 
  • Identify product and content gaps 
  • Create endless organic connection and engagement
  • Builds retargeting audiences
  • Creates DM’s and messenger conversations
  • Positions your brand as an authority

You can see why it is my favourite.

Otherwise, you risk making your marketing all about you.

If you’d like insight into the other 4 Social  Engagement Marketing strategies check them out HERE

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That’s right… Even if right now you’re not getting any engagement, people responding to your posts, opening your emails to book at your salon right now. 

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