5 Signs You Need to Increase Your Salon Prices

All things considered, increasing your salon prices can create stress and uncertainty.

It subsequently might be something you are avoiding or have tried already but you haven’t managed the change successfully.

If that is you, this blog has some simple ways to increase your salon pricing without the stress.

In truth, it’s simple to find 5 signs why you should do anything.

And secondly, it’s easy to find the reasons to go with the 5 signs.

5 signs you need to clean your car… 5 reasons you should

5 signs you should declutter your home.. 5 reasons you should.

Which has less pressure and which is more likely to motivate you.

5 signs your team isn’t recommending enough take-home products to your customers… 5 reasons they should.

and the focus of this blog

5 Signs You Need to Increase Your Salon Prices and 5 Reasons You Will.

Once you have identified the signs (you can see more on that shortly)…

…You only need to uncover 1 in your salon business to make the move to increase salon prices…

The equally important step is looking at what you are doing now compared to how you can upgrade what you have been doing.

Basically, the most important business strategy is to…

Not just rework your existing pricing but remodel and realign.


Because now is the best time to revisit your salon vision and see if you are on track, it needs adjusting or tweaking.

Everything has changed and it’s up to you salon owner to take a risk, embrace change and manage how you want it to look in your salon. 

Remember it’s the small incremental changes that successful businesses make that get them closer to their goals.

Like a plane that might just be 1 degree off course. That seems small right but every hour that could mean you are way off target.

So what questions can you ask yourself to decide on the small changes you could make that would keep you on track to get to your destination?

  • Do you need to take a customised approach to pricing?
  • Do your services need to be updated in the way you talk and communicate about them?
  • Do your team need some upskilling to meet the new trends?
  • Does a slimed down price list give you more flexibility?
  • Do you need to get different products to get different results?
  • Have you outgrown some of your current products and services?
  • Are your customers’ wishes keeping you stuck?

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain

5 signs You Need to Increase Your Salon Prices.

#1 If you are booked up. Increase Your salon prices

Being booked up means different thins to different people and how much you want to be busy is totally part of your vision which is why I recommend you do this exercise at the beginning.

What is it you actually want?

What does being booked up look like for you and your salon?

If you have started to reach that vision it’s a sign you need to increase your salon prices.

#2 Customers are getting immense value and say you are doing so much for the price

The second sign (and this is a major one) is when you tell people your prices and they respond…

“Oh, it’s so cheap.

This is particularly true when it comes from potential clients. Nobody wants to be too cheap.

Ask yourself ” Is my current pricing detrimental to my brand?”

Your money mindset can play a big role in how you manage this part of your business success.

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#3 Demanding customers are wearing you down

If you’re getting challenging customers who are constantly complaining, trying to negotiate on price, nit-picking with you over different things, and generally making your team and salon days a strain – that is a HUGE sign that you’re an energetic mismatch to your current pricing and it’s a sign you need to increase your salon pricing.

Are customers

  • Asking for discounts?
  • Want you to make extra time for them?
  • Ask for special treatment on payments?
  • Resist your procedures and policies around booking and cancellation fees and move their appointments frequently.

People pleasing and letting customers suck the life out of you makes salon life miserable. Boundaries with customers can be a challenge. I strongly recommend working through these issues with your team.

Read more on this HERE.

You deserve customers who value what you do, not ones who try to control you, your team and your business success.

So if you’re dealing with these types of customers increasing your salon prices will eliminate most of these challenges because by upgrading your prices you are attracting people who not only value you they have a higher self value.

Read more on attracting high-value customers HERE

#4 You have done extra training and are delivering so much for your customers and getting amazing results.

When you invest in yourself and become a master of your skills you deserve more for the effort, time and skills.

Every industry allows for experience to attract higher value.

If you know that you’re getting amazing results for your salon’s customers and you and your team are getting consistent results, then you deserve to be paid in line with the value and results that you accomplish.


“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

#5 You want to earn more money

Nobody else is going to give you permission. You have to claim it for yourself.

Ask yourself what would feel good to earn, even if it feels a little bit scary, a little bit exciting…?

You might feel scared, you feel like no one’s going to pay it.

But remember you can just do it and soon that’s the new normal.

You attract the next level of client that you want to work with and you settle into delivering at your new pricing and then…

Sorry to tell you that it happens all over again next time you see the signs that you need to increase your salon’s pricing again.

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