If you have great customers who…

Are happy to pay your salon’s increased prices

Listen to you and value your team by following your expert advice on services, treatments and take-home products. 

Book in advance and respect your appointment procedures like booking fees, cancellation policies and moving fees. 

Respect your boundaries and don’t message you all hours and take advantage of you or your team!
You aren’t stuck in a Customer Guilt Trap so move on…nothing for you here!

But the reality is that you are in a Customer Guilt Trap


Your regular customers holding you back from growing your salon business by-

Guilting you into staying on the floor and behind the chair when you want to make more time to work on your business?

Telling you it’s only you they want to see. 

Resisting your price increases. 

Cancelling last minute and not expecting to be charged a fee because they are so loyal to you and have been coming for years.

If this is the case you are letting your regular clients keep your salon stuck and broke.

Salon Customer Guilt Trap

Being a salon owner can be rewarding

and so so fulfilling BUT….

You just have to release yourself from all the pressure. Pressure from Your customers. Your team. Yourself!!

You most likely yourself are under a lot of pressure right now to get it all right. But this exact pressure you are putting yourself under is actually what’s hurting you.  But let’s start with another pressure that’s killing your desire for your business first …… 

Pressure from your customers can be overwhelming and so disillusioning. A passion killer. 

Pressure to be what they need you to be. 

Do the services that they want. 

Don’t put your prices up. 

Have the products they want

Be available when they need you

Message them back at all hours

The time to change all that is now

What Continuing in the Customer Guilt Trap means

Low profits

Low value

Low Worth… Wondering and asking yourself… Shall I continue???

No, let’s instead look at the upside….

For starters you can look at how you price your salon services. Jump over HERE and check out Salon Owner Solutions to help with that problem.

What can more profits mean to you salon owner…

Want more revenue so you can pay yourself first rather than the scraps?

Confidently pay your bills and taxes on time

Attract customers who will pay your prices

Working less and smarter

Using all the best products

Attracting team members that want to work for a high-end high value salon

Have margins built in to allow for future prices and wage increases

Stop staff members from leaving so you can pay them better

Knowing you can manage the stress as a temporary thing rather than a default setting. 

Your business will be successful and your structures mean you can grow


You can’t control the Government, Interest rates, 

Other Business price increases and supply issues.

Success in 2023 looks like this..

Less focus on what you can’t control 

Laser focus on what you can. 


You can’t control the Government, interest rates, 

Other business price increases and supply issues.

Continued fall out from the pandemic. 

But you can control

Your business, your prices, your team. 

Your structures and processes. 

Your products and services. 

Accept the things you cannot change. 

Courage to change the things you can. 

And be wise enough to know the difference.

This is how you confidently get out of the Customer Guilt Trap

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