Avoid these 7 major mistakes and finally achieve the salon business you want, even post-lockdown and Covid-19

The salon industry has reacted to lock down and the Covid-19 pandemic in a variety of ways. Why salons fail and the mistakes they make is a topic to consider.

Some salons are failing – owners are crushed or fed up with the demands and doors have closed. Others are just hanging on by the skin of their teeth and in survival mode.

Why salons fail can also be put down to salon owners who are deep into just striving and can’t get their business off the hamster wheel. Doing all the hard work and not being strategic and smart.

Striving looks like an overwhelmed salon owner who is working incredibly hard doing ALL THE THINGS!! Feeling exhausted, not looking after themselves and missing what is really going on under their noses.

If that’s you, your salon could have been like that prior to 2020 and all the upheaval… still doing customers, trying to manage a team and fit in all the meetings, ordering stock, checking the cleaning roster, and fitting in time to take pictures and post on social media. Then there’s doing the accounts and paying the wages!! The striving salon owner’s job list just gets bigger and the responsibilities are massive. It’s not quite the vision you had when you started your business.

Instead of asking why salons fail, you could be asking how are salons thriving right now?

Salons that are thriving have adapted and have been very proactive to find opportunities for their team, the salon and their brand plus themselves as owners. Believe it or not, there are massive opportunities out there right now.

Why salons fail was a question I spoke about on a Facebook Live with Steph at appointment software company Timely this week.

Here’s the video. There are so many great tips on the 7 major mistakes to avoid if you want to thrive post-Covid-19.

We discussed why salons need to communicate and how to effectively capture your ideal customer’s attention. That’s the first major mistake I see salon owners making.

#1 Lack of communication + #2 Not using all the tools and platforms appropriately

Salon owners seem a bit lost on what to do when communicating. Crazy when you consider it is at the heart of our success in our profession.

When it comes to different aspects of communication they are focusing on the wrong things, always selling or never even trying to, and missing all the opportunities.

In my program Customer Attraction Mastery, I teach salon owners the exact process of communication using the A.S.C.E.N.D. Salon Method Customer Experience Framework.

This framework clearly outlines ways to connect and engage and is especially useful in a lockdown or post-lockdown environment. Customers want to feel safe and be able to trust that we will look after them. They are craving stability and connection. You need to put yourself in their shoes. 

When you are choosing how to connect, the first step is getting really clear on who your customers are, what type of customers you are attracting and who follows you. Plus, meeting them where they are at with communication is the key.

Connect with people the way you want to engage with them. Social media, email, phone calls and Facebook Messenger are all so good but what is right for your customers and how do you want to connect with them? 

This leads onto the next common mistake…

#3 Attracting the wrong type of customers

Customers that are not aligned with you and your brand are always going to be hard work to please. Deal seekers are not going to have a long ‘lifetime value’ and help salons build long-term. 

There is a real temptation to take anyone to fill your books right now. However, with many long waiting lists as salons reopen and time to fill if you are closed or quiet, make the most of getting clear with who you are as a brand.

A salon that is just a business will always struggle. A salon that is a brand will create true connection and succeed.

#4 Salons not utilising social media for connection

All too often, we see salons posting up images and posts, offering deals and posting appointments but not using social media to build a real connection with their ideal customer. 

Often there is an inconsistent effort and one that reeks of desperation for business.

Brand clarity means your salon has a stand-alone identity. What would your brand say to a friend? What inspiring posts would they share? What do they do at the weekend? What foods do they enjoy?

If you use social media to be a socially engaging brand, then when it comes time to post offers and talk about your products and services more people will be paying attention.

#5 Ignoring strategies for follow-up

This is the next common mistake that is killing salon business and it’s usually due to a lack of structure and processes.

Whether it’s new customers, existing loyal ones or lapsed non-rebookers, you must implement a plan that ensures they feel loved, considered and valued.

Create a system that has you checking in, posting valuable content and promoting services and products to them. Remind them of the great time they had at your salon, offer them incentives to rebook and provide content that fills the gaps between visits.

#6 Overlooking the value of a website

In the Facebook LIVE, I talk about this with Steph when she asked me about the value of social media and if salons should use it to attract customers. 

Without a website, a lot of the secret sauce of social media can be missed. For the best salon website tips visit my blog… 

That leads on to the most important asset in your salon and another very common mistake… 

#7 Underestimating hiring a team based on your salon’s culture and values

In the LIVE, Steph asked me what was the secret to hiring a high-performing, aligned team. I went into my process and I also have an excellent blog about this here… 

We know that hiring is a challenge and lockdown could have really exposed your team weaknesses. As an owner, this time is really stressful as the world around us has changed and habits have been disrupted. Our team could be really evaluating their positions and life in general. 

Thriving in 2020 and beyond is totally possible for salon owners. There are many salons making the most of all the opportunities. Count yourself amongst them.

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