Do you want to know what successful salons are doing to keep their stylists booked up without offering discounts?

The biggest mistake I see struggling salon owners make is using a discount strategy when reopening. It could even be detrimental to your business because understanding your salon’s value is the key to salon reopening success. 

Ask yourself, are you and your brand aligned? Do you communicate your value and attract customers that share your value?

Below are my 4 top tips that successful salons are using to reopen. I talk about how to communicate your brand value so that you can charge what you are worth, and I give you social media post templates to use on Facebook and Instagram to connect with your customers and build excitement so they keep coming back.

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The strategies successful salons are using to thrive after reopening

Are you thinking that you need to offer discounts to attract customers when you reopen?

What about your strategy to keep customers coming back? Will you consider offers and discounts then too?

If you are, let me tell you that it is one of the worst reopening strategies and could actually contribute to your salon’s failure to rebound after lockdown and quarantine without you even realising it.

And I understand why you think that it would be helpful. You see everyone scrambling to secure customers right now… taking drastic steps to make sure their salon survives and gets money in the till again, it makes sense. 

But if discounting your services was the only way to ensure your salon business survives, then everyone who does discounts would survive, and we all know that’s not the case. 

Actually, some of the leading successful salons across the country are fully booked for weeks, even months ahead despite being shut. In fact, some of them have increased their prices because of demand. So, clearly discounting doesn’t guarantee a successful salon reopening at all.  

So what are they doing?

Successful salons are using creative attraction strategies and connecting with their community with their brand. These key pillars, Attraction and Connection, are the core principles in my A.S.C.E.N.D. Salon Method which my Customer Attraction Mastery course is based on.

So, let’s look at how successful salons who use these strategies (including my students) do this?

To begin with, they have a very strong brand identity and have leaned into this during the weeks and months that their salons were shut. They built connection through a common struggle and used their brand voice in the community. They used their initiative to meet their customers where they were at.

They knew how to position themselves as the salon to follow, even while they were shut.

Just like how fashion brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen acted as entertainers for their followers… from hosting musical performances to creating Spotify playlists.

Chloé put out new, more personal social media content that invited collaboration, like their live stream sessions on Instagram that featured creative women.

Zara and Entireworld have used images shot at home. Retailers like Sephora and West Elm have created Zoom backgrounds for users to download.

Successful salons took their customers on the reopening journey with them using all channels available to connect and secure a thriving reopening.

Using social media, their website, email, plus messenger, these salons have mastered the art of customer attraction and connection that not only is paying off for them now, but will make sure they survive in future uncertain times

Successful salons have focused on positioning their brand, plus they know how to attract high calibre customers who love connection and want to re-book, buy more, and most importantly… stay loyal and keep coming back.

Now, you can keep thinking that the only way to get customers in the door after being shut is to offer discounts, but if you do you may end up working yourself into the ground with nothing to show for it and your salon down the drain… literally. 

If you haven’t handled the lockdown attraction and connection that well or have and are after some extra inspiration to help out in these busy times, I have the videos below to help you.

Salon Owner Conversations

Is discounting your prices going to save your salon right now?

I have a list of the 4 top tips for keeping your stylists booked up without offering discounts.

Plus, I talk about how offering discounts to attract customers when reopening could be detrimental to your business, and most importantly, how understanding your salon’s value is the key to salon reopening success. 

Plus, some inspiration on how to enter the conversation your customers are having right now and make sure you are front of mind when they want to rebook and buy extra products and services.

What kind of salon owner are you?

What most struggling, confused salon owners are doing right now is either deciding to put up their prices or discount them to make sure their chairs are full.

Confident and empowered salon owners are seeing this as an opportunity to really cement their salon’s value in the community and have a reliable, sustainable approach to reopening and maintaining quality and customer loyalty.

What kind of salon owner are you?

This video is going to be very important because you’re going to finally see how to make sure that not only are your stylists booked up, but that they are creating profits and rebooking for the future success of your business.

It’s all about Attraction and Connection. These are pillars in the A.S.C.E.N.D. Salon Method and my program, Customer Attraction Mastery.

Attraction and Connection are essential because, without them, you are just running on a hamster wheel of clients in and out. It’s like constantly trying to fill a bucket of water that has holes in it. Frustrating, time-consuming and pointless. You’ll never achieve it and burn yourself out in the process.

What is a valuable brand?

What is the real value you offer when you open your salon doors? Is it just a service or is there something more?

What are you really charging for?

Are you and your brand aligned? Do you communicate your value and attract customers that share your value?

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